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Chat with Maria

  • America House

Please join us for an exciting informal chat session with Maria.

We've asked Maria to share with us 7 fact about herself.

Here you go:

1. Next year I'll be attending the University of Pennsylvania to pursue a dual degree in engineering and business at the Wharton School.

2. I have lived in seven different countries, including several in both Eastern and Western Europe, Pakistan, and Kyrgyzstan, but I am actually half German half American.

3. I speak fluent German, English, and near-fluent French.

4. I've been playing the violin for 14 years, and last year I had the opportunity to travel to Zaporozhye to perform with an orchestra.

5. I recently worked at the American embassy on an oral history project about Euromaidan, conflict resolution, and crisis management.

6. I love to dance ballroom.

7. One of my favorite things to do in Kyiv is go restaurant or cafe-hopping, and I would love any recommendations!

Remember to bring your passport or driver's license.


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