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Gallery On the Go

Through Gallery-on-the-Go, America House “decentralizes” art exposure by sharing its permanent art collection with a wide range of art enthusiasts at the 27 Window on America Centers in regional cities throughout Ukraine. Since April 2017, more than 8,000 people have visited Gallery-on-the-Go exhibits provided by America House.

Currently, America House has three shows touring Ukraine:

Corruption is...

The exhibition “Corruption is...” is organized by Centre UA as a part of the 4th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries.” Artists from around the world, including Poland, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Iran, Venezuela, Ecuador, and China, submitted over 570 works to the contest. The exhibition displays selected works from the contest that criticize corruption, promote access to information, and highlight anti-corruption practices. The exhibition emphasizes the importance of art as an effective tool for raising awareness about social issues. Because analysis of the problem and open dialogue are the first steps to changing the situation.


Public Library

This exhibit is a photographic survey of public libraries throughout the United States by Robert Dawson. Since the beginning of the project in 1994 he has photographed hundreds of libraries in forty-eight states. His photos tell stories of the diversity of American communities and things that connect the American people. For the author public libraries are an expression of civic pride and create a civic memory of a place. He claims that architectural art of the buildings is coupled with practicality of service and reflects the aspirations and struggles of the communities. This project raises questions like: “What belongs in a library? In what form do we want to preserve information and culture?” Today’s public libraries function as a system of non-commercial centers that help us define what we value and what we share.

Library built by ex-slaves, Allensworth, CA copy 2.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpg

Life After Injury

“Life after Injury” is a photography project by a photojournalist Oleksii Furman about young Ukrainian soldiers who were wounded during the ongoing war with Russia-backed rebels and Russian regular army in the Donbass region. Stories told in this exhibition are narratives of overcoming physical and mental trauma. Alexey Furman concentrated on adaptation of soldiers to peaceful life when they come home. They have to resocialize and overcome many difficulties and seek possibilities themselves or with the support from their close relatives, friends, volunteers and psychologists. The project is significant because it uncovers the side of military conflict that gets little coverage in media outlets and existing photography projects.