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Gallery On the Go

Through Gallery-on-the-Go, America House “decentralizes” art exposure by sharing its permanent art collection with a wide range of art enthusiasts at the 27 Window on America Centers in regional cities throughout Ukraine. 

Currently, America House has nine shows touring Ukraine:


STINOPYS: Streets of the USA

by Iryna Kanishcheva

Street art is illusive and often vanishes as soon as it appears. Iryna Kanishcheva started documenting streets to save the work of artists. She travels and looks for murals in every city, sometimes walking in unsafe neighborhoods or climbing over fences. She captures rarely viewed scenes of mural creation to draw attention to the details, the difficulty and beauty of creation, and the variety of street art styles and techniques. With this exhibition she would like to show the process of creating public art, murals in the USA; highlight details that strangers do not normally pay attention to; and introduce viewers to everyday American life through urban art. This is a collection of photographs taken between 2013-2017 in different states and cities of the USA, such as Miami, Atlanta, New Orleans, Gainesville, Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Washington D.C., Richmond, Baltimore, and NYC. Paintings on walls are part of urban life - they transform the city scale and reflect local culture. People paint them, admire them, and even destroy them... Many documented murals do not exist anymore.

work 2.JPG


by Tamila Khrynenko

Tamila Khrynenko was selected on a competitive basis to visit the art residence art:optimism in Newburg, NY, USA in June, 2017. During the residence, Tamila gained new experience and skills in the creation of books. She participated in the creation of handmade books at Thornwillow Press. At this publishing house, she published her series "5 Meetings" and "9 Inspirations".

The project "Feel the mood..." was born as the result of attending this residence program. The exhibition includes portraits of creative Newburg citizens whom Tamila met when she arrived to the US. The musician David, the artist Judy, the sculptor Stewart, the dancer Melzine, and the artist Sarah. After finishing the project each participant got their own portrait as a remembrance of their meeting with the young Ukrainian artist.

Library built by ex-slaves, Allensworth, CA copy 2.jpg.CROP.original-original.jpg


by Robert Dawsan

This exhibit is a photographic survey of public libraries throughout the United States by Robert Dawson. Since the beginning of the project in 1994 he has photographed hundreds of libraries in forty-eight states. His photos tell stories of the diversity of American communities and things that connect the American people. For the author public libraries are an expression of civic pride and create a civic memory of a place. He claims that architectural art of the buildings is coupled with practicality of service and reflects the aspirations and struggles of the communities. This project raises questions like: “What belongs in a library? In what form do we want to preserve information and culture?” Today’s public libraries function as a system of non-commercial centers that help us define what we value and what we share.



The exhibition “Corruption is...” is organized by Centre UA as a part of the 4th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries.” Artists from around the world, including Poland, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Iran, Venezuela, Ecuador, and China, submitted over 570 works to the contest. The exhibition displays selected works from the contest that criticize corruption, promote access to information, and highlight anti-corruption practices. The exhibition emphasizes the importance of art as an effective tool for raising awareness about social issues. Because analysis of the problem and open dialogue are the first steps to changing the situation.

6. 30х50 Don't Look at Me.JPG


by Marianna Glynska

Reaching paradise (with different approaches and interpretations of its meaning) has become the ultimate goal of the afterlife for every religion. But can paradise exist here, on Earth, or is it lost forever? No matter what a person may or may not believe in, there is a constant search for a higher quality of life, the unexplainable need to believe in something better, in life with no violence, no hardships, but with the possibility of reaching true happiness, physical and spiritual fulfillment. That belief can be the driving force for some people leaving their countries and searching for better destinies, for their lost paradise. There are certain affluent countries on the map that embody that paradisiacal notion. One such country is the United States, a country built by immigrants, country of affluence and possibilities for true happiness and self-realization. While it all might be true, one constantly forgets that there is always another side of the coin, a side that is not talked about much. As an artist, Marianna Glynska has always been interested in exploring that other side of a coin, that other side paradise.



by David Denil

Let Us Not Fall Asleep While Walking” is David's Denil bachelor photo project where he focuses on the psychological state of Ukraine and translated this into a collision between past, present and the hope for a future without war. He choses not to show the war itself, but to focus on the aspects of life presented within the region of Kiev. By connection several narratives and bringing them together within a book, this work will function as an extension on the documentary approach and will present more universal questions that go beyond actual fact.



The exhibition CANactions CITY.VALUES depicts the city and demonstrates its head values among which people are the priority. It enables everyone to find out his or her own values in the common and discover personal values in the city layout.

CANactions is the educational platform, our mission is to enhance the creation of places and communities in Ukraine where people love to live and work. We integrate the most relevant world experience in the sphere of architecture and urbanism to educate and inspire responsibly active change makers.

60-40cm_VLS_0814 copy-min.jpg


by Anastasia Vlasova

The photo project by Anastasia Vlasova is about Crimean Tatars, a Muslim minority, originally based in Crimea, who were exiled to Central Asia in 1944 under Stalin’s rule. Four years ago more than 2,000 Crimean Tatars moved to Western Ukraine after Russia's annexation of Crimea. For both nations, Crimean Tatars and Lvivans, religion is a part of their lifestyle and has an important role in the community. The project is aimed to show the integration of Crimean Tatars Muslims into the Christian community in Lviv and build bridges between societies. The work also explores the process of regaining a home and creating a homeland in an absolutely different environment.



by Oleksii Furman

“Life after Injury” is a photography project by a photojournalist Oleksii Furman about young Ukrainian soldiers who were wounded during the ongoing war with Russia-backed rebels and Russian regular army in the Donbass region. Stories told in this exhibition are narratives of overcoming physical and mental trauma. Alexey Furman concentrated on adaptation of soldiers to peaceful life when they come home. They have to resocialize and overcome many difficulties and seek possibilities themselves or with the support from their close relatives, friends, volunteers and psychologists. The project is significant because it uncovers the side of military conflict that gets little coverage in media outlets and existing photography projects.

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