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Current Exhibits


June 19 - August 11, 2018

anons2 (1).jpg
In the “Nature vs. Architecture” multimedia exhibit, young Ukrainian artist Yulia Beliaeva brings this topic into public discourse. She uses gallery walls as canvas and creates virtual 3D projections that imitate water and natural landscapes. The visitor can explore and manipulate nature by interacting with the exhibit. Photos of the city landscapes throughout serve as reminders that the natural and architectural environment exist simultaneously.


May 22 - June 30, 2018

Artists Gabriela Bulisova and Mark Isaac, supported by a Fulbright grant from the U.S. government, are documenting Mykolaiv’s diversity over the course of nine months. During that time, they met with more than 20 national communities, hearing their stories and documenting their findings in a photographic project that draws on both documentary and fine art traditions. The project, created collaboratively with the participants, is presented as diptychs, pairing a portrait of an individual with an object or place that is especially important to their heritage.