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Current Exhibits

Kill Bill Exhibition by Alena Kuznetsova

October 28 - November 16, 2017

Kill bill_6.jpg
The Kill Bill project by Alena Kuznetsova
points out the overflowing problem of advertising in our lives. During her travels for the past year and a half, the artist has documented 3x6m billboards destroyed by time and nature. The natural death of advertising on billboards is ironic, since it is impossible to remove the advertisements deliberately. While the title of this project shares its name with the famous movie “Kill Bill,” in this case “bill” is a reduction from “billboard,” as in “Kill the Billboard.”


October 12 – November 11, 2017

gallery upcoming.jpg
Tamila Khrynenko was selected on a competitive basis to visit the art residence art:optimism in Newburg, NY, USA in June, 2017. The project “Feel your mood ...” was born as the result of attending this residence program. The exhibition includes portraits of creative Newburg citizens whom Tamila met when she arrived to the US. The musician David, the artist Judy, the sculptor Stewart, the dancer Melzine, and the artist Sarah. After finishing the project each participant got their own portrait as a remembrance of their meeting with the young Ukrainian artist