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America House Makerspace is the place where innovation and creativity thrive. Do-It-Yourself and digital tools give everyone an opportunity to maximize innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, and scientific potential. Create, learn, explore, share, prototype - make your ideas happen.


  • The Makerspace is open during America House hours and, unless reserved ahead, it is available on a first come, first served basis.  
  • Bring your external storage devices to keep your materials. All images, videos, recordings and projects will be removed from Makerspace terminals as users check out.
  • Musical instruments and other needed accessories are welcome.
  • Using equipment for illegal activities, advertising, lobbying, or commercial purposes is prohibited.

Makerspace equipment:

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Makerspace Projects


Our Makerspace was turned into a film set for Mariya Bila who was shooting a video review of her anti-stress coloring book Ukraina-Dyvosvit (Ukraine-Wonderland). This book consists of 50 hand drawn illustrations that can be colored as well as some poems verses that were specifically selected to match each of the storyline.

Books that Talk

America House is proud to support "Books that Talk" by providing free space and equipment for volunteers to record audiobooks. "Books that Talk" is a volunteer-based initiative that aims to increase the number of audiobooks available in Ukraine’s specialized libraries and boarding schools for visually impaired children. This project is organized by NGO "Believe in Ukraine".


Molodiya Festival

Molodiya Festival team  is working in America House Makerspace on various key visual materials for the social advertisement festival as well as on major arrangements needed to organize the festival.  Also, recently they have organized a workshop on how to create an efficient and thought-provoking social advertising aimed at attracting attention to various global issues.