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Featured Exhibits


November 13 - December 1, 2018



October 11 - November 3, 2018

The artwork by Andriy Baranovsky, an ATO veteran and active participant in the Revolution of Dignity, are an emotional reflection of the tempestuous events of recent years. Andriy Baranovsky is a defender of the Motherland, but his vocation and professional interest is art. The project is dedicated to the courage of Ukrainians. Despite the tragedy of modern events, there is always hope: “The artist always has to seek his own truths ... I paint to bring beauty to the world” - Andriy.

NATURE vs. Architecture

June 19 - August 11, 2018

In the “Nature vs. Architecture” multimedia exhibit, young Ukrainian artist Yulia Beliaeva brings this topic into public discourse. She uses gallery walls as canvas and creates virtual 3D projections that imitate water and natural landscapes. The visitor can explore and manipulate nature by interacting with the exhibit. Photos of the city landscapes throughout serve as reminders that the natural and architectural environment exist simultaneously.


May 15 - June 8, 2018

The “Chic-Modern” exhibition of the young Ukrainian artist Pazza Pennello includes acrylic paintings on canvas, which depict the brands and products that appeared in Ukraine after the fall of the Iron Curtain. The artist shows scarce goods, which reveal the values of consumers, producers and the culture itself in which they live.


April 10 - May 5, 2018

The quantity of plastic products increases every day, and the pure environment decreases. Will it ever supplant humanity - its creator? Ukrainian Art Group ArtZebs, with the participation of Vladimir Gulich, Anastasia Loiko and VJ Yarkus in the “Plastic Ocean” project comprehends how far humanity has gone into plastic usage, such a convenient, easy, flexible and cheap material.


February 8 - March 3, 2018

The “Discernment” exhibit by young American multimedia artist Bayete Ross Smith scrutinizes preconceived notions and stereotypes, explores identity problems and challenges of intercultural communication. Artworks analyze public relations and motivate us to reflect on how we perceive the world around us.


December 1-30, 2017

The goal of the “B POSITIVE” exhibit at America House and the “Positive Life” campaign is to join the efforts of World Aids Day, combat discrimination and overcome public stereotypes about HIV-positive people, connect people through art to reduce stigma and discrimination, and show support to and solidarity with people living with HIV in Ukraine. The exhibit includes contest nominees’ artworks that are created purposely for the B POSITIVE project and address HIV/AIDS in Ukraine.


October 28 - November 16, 2017

The Kill Bill project by Alena Kuznetsova
points out the overflowing problem of advertising in our lives. During her travels for the past year and a half, the artist has documented 3x6m billboards destroyed by time and nature. The natural death of advertising on billboards is ironic, since it is impossible to remove the advertisements deliberately. While the title of this project shares its name with the famous movie “Kill Bill,” in this case “bill” is a reduction from “billboard,” as in “Kill the Billboard.”


September 6 - 26, 2017

Artists: Olesia Trofimenko, Iaroslav Kolomiichuk

Propaganda, like a blanket, covers the human mind with simulated information networks and creates the perfect conditions for putting critical thought to sleep. Propaganda methods such as “repetition,” “labeling,” and “demonizing the enemy” have been used for centuries to cause fear and uncertainty, while at the same time offering fail-safe ways to get rid of such emotions.

Discover America

Solo Photo Exhibit by Sergiy Kadulin
July 20 - August 10, 2017

The “Discover America” solo photo exhibition by renowned Ukrainian photographer Sergiy Kadulin is an awe-inspiring visual odyssey through many of the world’s greatest treasures located on the territory of the United States of America. This exhibition showcases just a small part (20 images) of a larger collection he created during his travels to America from 2012 through 2016. Images in the exhibit include architectural and urban landscapes of New York, San-Francisco, Las-Vegas, Los-Angeles, Portland, and various locations of the West, such as National Parks, State Parks, canyons, wilderness areas and the Pacific coast.

The Other Side of ParadisE

June 16 - July 15, 2017

The author of the exhibit, Marianna Glynska, is originally from Ukraine. In 2009 she received Fulbright scholarship and moved to the U.S. to study visual arts. In 2012 she received her MFA in photography from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA. Marianna has always been interested in studying human nature and exploring different sides of the same idea, concept or situation. Recently, the artist came across her non-edited photos from her first visit to the U.S., particularly to Philadelphia, which brought back memories and thoughts about life, dreams, feelings, expectations... It took time to organize the glimpses of experiences, thoughts, and conclusions into a coherent story, a story about the other side of “paradise” which explores the lives of people in one disadvantaged area of Philadelphia.

Alumni exhibit

June 16 - July 15, 2017

Alumni Exhibit is about people whose lives and communities have been impacted by their visit to the USA. We’d like to share different stories and activities of today’s successful politicians, scholars, artists, social activists, and business leaders and how they have benefitted from various USG exchange programs over the past 25 years of U.S./Ukraine diplomatic relations. The path of people with different backgrounds proves that nothing is impossible and there is a range of opportunities everyone can take.

The second part of the exhibit includes the winners’ works submitted to America House photo contest “America through your eyes!”. These are original, striking images that depict American life and reflect alumni’s experience of the U.S. during their program exchange.

Live Free

May 23 - June 9, 2017

Ukrainian artist, entrepreneur and civic activist, Olha Bosak, first launched Live Free in Kyiv in January 2016. Her art collection, Live Free, draws upon her personal involvement and experiences during the 2013-2014 Ukrainian Euromaidan “Revolution of Dignity.” After being displayed at the United Nations General Assembly building in New York, the exhibit moved to Ottawa and Toronto with the hope of raising further awareness of this massive public action during the winter of 2013-2014. Now the exhibition came back to Kyiv and is on display at America House Kyiv.

This public diplomacy project promotes an image of the new Ukraine. It demonstrates to the global community the importance of the Revolution of Dignity for Ukraine, and how Maidan continues to shape and inform public opinion in Ukraine, including the desire to live free as an independent nation and society. Events that have occurred since the beginning of the XXI century in Ukraine tend to prove that there is a big need for inter-country cooperation and the involvement of the global community in resolving conflicts and preventing aggression. While each country needs to focus on its own problems, the global community must stand up to aggression to prevent the spread of global instability.


April 27 - May 20, 2017

This project is a philosophic reflection of how humanity has gotten where it is, what path it could choose moving forward and what its future holds. Using the visual language of art, Sergiy Dryziaka and Sergiy Lytvynov explore two of the world’s recent tragedies: 9/11 in the United States and the Chornobyl catastrophe in Ukraine. The exhibit rethinks these events and also states that, despite tragedies, the beauty of our planet and enduring human values fill the world with kindness, love and a belief in the rejuvenation of humanity.


March 10 - March 31, 2017

The modern world, with its fast pace, global information, and chaos of social media, lulls sensory experiences and the ability to examine ourselves. “EYES” speaks about the need to stop, think, to look within oneself. The “box” is an allegory of the “TV of the future” where one can see not only the external shell of the illusory world, but also a real essence of our true selves. The circuit board at the back of the box is the analogue of the future “neuron” connections between people that override technologically programmed emotions.

Participants of this project were the children of ATO veterans who had a chance to close their eyes and go deep within their own inner world. We took pictures of the children at the moment when they opened their eyes but their gaze was still directed inside themselves. Upon encountering their eyes on the photos, they made pictures on glass with unusual zealousness. Every “box” contains the photo observed by the eyes painted on the glass. Each work is a projection of the inner world to the outside.

“EYES” is the continuation of the previous conceptual exhibit “BODIES.” Together they are the result of a unique reflection of the world of children affected by war.


Oleksii Sai’s solo exhibition
February 21st - March 15th, 2017

Oleksii Sai’s solo exhibition “Temporary” represents excel artworks from the “New Landscape” series. There are images of construction activities made over the past 10 years.

Cities change their appearance, but this process is imperceptible. Urban development is a constant, yet buildings under construction are temporary and not recognized in their volatility.


America House hosts an “art:optimism” project to reconsider “optimism” in Ukrainian society and inspire people towards a positive world perception. In 2009, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), in collaboration with American artist Reed Seifer, released 14 millions New York MetroCards with a single printed word “optimism.” With support of Optimism:Київ, these cards appeared in Ukraine. America House is hosting the interactive installation from 15 to 22 February 2017. You have an opportunity to become an owner of this rare card if you visit America House on 22 February 2017.

Life after Injury

A photography project by Oleksii Furman
December 15th, 2016 - January 17th, 2017

Life after Injury is a photography project about young Ukrainian soldiers who were wounded during the ongoing war with Russia-backed rebels and Russian regular army in the Donbass region.


April 8th - May 14th, 2016

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Chornobyl industrial disaster America House Kyiv collaborated with the Chornobyl 360 Group on a high-tech art exhibit. The Chornobyl 360 is a unique project that shows Chornobyl from various angles. This transmedia exhibition combines photo, audio, video and virtual reality via Oculus Gear VR. By creating interactive virtual environments, the project raises awareness about the Chornobyl tragedy among youth. During the opening visitors could experience the feeling of being in the exclusion zone without leaving America House.

Corruption is…

15 September - 26 October 2016

America House opened the exhibit “Corruption is…” organized by Centre UA as a part of the 4th International Contest “Stop Censorship! Citizens for Free Countries”. Artists from around the world, including Poland, Canada, Italy, Mexico, Iran, Venezuela, Ecuador, China, submitted over 570 works to the contest. People from 89 countries followed the contest on social media. The exhibition at America House displayed selected works from the contest that criticize corruption, promote access to information, and highlight anticorruption practices. During the opening at America House, the contest’s organizers, Aksinya Kurinna and Natalia Sokolenko, awarded the winners and emphasized the importance of art as an effective tool for raising awareness about social issues.

National Geographic and IDPs Photo Exhibition

15 January - 30 January 2016

America House Kyiv collaborated with USAID, the Institute for Regional Media and Information, Vision Workshops, and National Geographic to organize an art project that raises issues of human rights, encourages a better integration of vulnerable communities, examines conflict-generated tensions, and opens peacemaking dialog among the internally displaced people and hosting communities. The exhibit “In Focus: Life in Transition through the Eyes of Youth” opened with the young IDP photographers’ presentation of their pictures and a photography masterclass by Zoriy Fain and Yuliya Kochetova, National Geographic photographers. The photos told stories of people who were forced to leave their homes and start over. They highlighted moments of people’s lives hit by the conflict on their homeland. The exhibit aimed to counter negative stereotypes about displaced people. The photography masterclass that gave the audience a chance to work with IDPs and learn practical photography skills in high-risk areas, shooting techniques and planning, and the process of communication with military personnel and civilians.

The Coefficient of Independence

21 August - 17 September 2015

In partnership with the Modern Art Research Institute in Kyiv, America House opened an art exhibition, “The Coefficient of Independence.” The project features the work of 30 Ukrainian artists and 2 American artists reflecting on the shared value of independence at the international, national and personal levels. 240 visitors attended the art-opening, including government and civil society leaders. Shari Bistransky, Cultural Attache of the US Embassy, and Dmytro Kuleba, First Secretary of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, joined in the opening remarks.
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